Last updated 05/01/2021

Due to the recent announcement by the government of a third lockdown here is our advise for all our members. Please note that this is guidance for members of the PAFHP, other FHP's should contact either their learning provider or their own Associations for guidance. 

Third National Lockdown as of Wednesday 06/01/2021


We are basing the lockdown as of the above date due to it being passed in parliament as 'law'. 

We advise that anyone qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) DOES NOT practise during this third lockdown 'unless' your patients are at a high risk of infection or causing injury to themselves. This is due to the fact that FHP's are not listed by the government in their guidelines as a profession. Podiatry and Chiropody is listed but FHP's are not Podiatrist's or Chiropodists even though some of the work conducted by FHP's falls under the same umbrella. Podiatrists and Chiropodists are members of the HCPC and FHP's are not, therefore the Podiatry and Chiropody job role and title is more recognised than that of the FHP title and industry. FHP's 'could' be regarded as falling under the bracket of 'Health Care'.

We suggest the following protocols are set in place for any patients at high risk:

  • Covid-19 pre-screening interview - Has your client been mixing with others in the last two weeks, have they any Covid-19 related symptoms (relay to client), check temperature upon visiting and that of yourself each day. You also have the responsibility to be aware of any symptoms yourself.

  • Full PPE; mask, visor, apron, gloves upon entry and exist. Leave PPE and all other treatment waste in a sealed opaque bag outside the front door (if home visiting). If clinic treating, the same PPE applies with the exception of clinical waste being disposed appropriately and your clinic being fully sanitised after with 30 min in between appointments.

  • Full risk assessment in place.

  • Limit appointments as much as possible as well as time spent in contact with clients during treatments. I.e., just treat the issue that is required and no more.

  • Request room ventilation i.e., an open window when home visiting and within your clinical setting where possible.

  • Double check with your insurers to ensure your policy cover is maintained during lockdown.

  • It may occur that a patient has been provided with two Covid-19 vaccine injections. If this occurs with a patient, please ensure your visit is three weeks after the patients second vaccine injection and that this is recorded on the patients’ medical treatment notes. Whilst your patient is immunised against the Covid-19 virus, you the practitioner may still be at risk and this is something you must take into consideration and still use full PPE protection.

The PAFHP are unable to assist for any practitioner who is closed down from practising by their local council/environmental health or who does not follow our advice given. We do not support the actions of any practitioner who is negligent to the lockdown rules and guidelines and those who do not respect the seriousness of the current pandemic situation.

We wish all FHP's the very best during these difficult times and we hope you can get back to work as soon as the lockdown comes to an end.