Our Qualification

We pride ourselves on what we provide and deliver to the foot health industry. The qualification we have produced provides a strong theoretical aspect which includes 14 modules, but with fair coursework for students to complete, we don’t expect our students to be good with essays like some training providers. Essays and some other methods can prove stressful to students, and we know our students want to be good at treating foot conditions, so that’s what we want to concentrate on the most.

Our qualification practically is continually kept up-to-date and reviewed annually to improve where possible. Our course provides a sound knowledge in many other conditions of the foot which students may not be able to treat, but will have the knowledge to help identify them and know when and where to refer out to a greater professional when required. We feel it’s vital that Foot Health Practitioners know who they are, know their professional limitations and don’t go beyond these boundaries.

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We have more robust assessment methods set for our qualification, all students must be assessed on a minimum of four in clinic treatments during their training days, attain a minimum of 70% in a multiple-choice exam.


Our approved training providers can run practical courses from a minimum of five training days when home study course work is given, providing students complete a minimum of 7 treatments during these training days. Newly approved centre's must complete a minimum of 5 practical training days for students and be committed to building this up to 10 days in the long-term.


Our qualification is also in association with the Complementary Medical Association to ensure greater standards are met for ourselves and our qualification.

Please note, we are providers of the qualification to our approved training centres, you cannot enrol for a course with us directly.